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We know half the fun of dining out is spending time with your friends and family, laughing and catching up. However, the larger the group, the more difficult it is to please everyone’s palates and dietary restrictions. That’s why at Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes we not only bring our guests farm-fresh ingredients and nutritious superfoods, we aim to provide a myriad of options that everyone will enjoy – like our new Gluten-Free Coconut Muffin!

This delicious muffin made its debut this month and will be available through mid-February. Although we have many reoccurring gluten-free menu items, such as our Broccoli Madness Salad, Deep Kettle House Chili and expansive salad bar, the Gluten-Free Coconut Muffin is the first of its kind in the Bakery section.

Made from scratch with coconut milk (yes, it is dairy-free!) and gluten free flour, this muffin has received rave reviews like this one on Instagram and from this Facebook fan. See more of this muffin’s nutritional breakdown here).

We have plenty of vegan and vegetarian options to enjoy, in addition to gluten-free, and we make sure to highlight new, fresh options our blog each month. We’d love to see you with your friends and family at a Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes near you soon – be sure to “SHARE” this post with them using the buttons below so they know what options are available!

52 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Goodies at Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes”

  1. When will the recipe for the gluten-free coconut muffin be available? It is the ONLY gluten free bakery item out there that is edible !!! I will come back even if I do have the recipe !!! I just wish your wonderful soups did not contain wheat gluten. The absence of gluten can’t change the flavor that much !!!

    Thank you for becoming more senstive to food allergies !!!! Love your restaurant, and will go back over and over !!!

    1. Thank you so much for letting us know that you enjoy our new coconut muffins so much, Debbie! For now we are keeping our recipe a secret, but hope we can see you a few more times before they’re gone on the 14th 🙂

      1. would they consider posting the recipe once they are no longer serving in the restaurant (after Feb 14)?


          1. I REALLY NEED THE RECIPE!!! My stomach is growling… it says it only wants those muffins 😉

  2. your muffins are the best. Im a cake decorator in NY and I have never had such a great muffin I cant wait until you give out the recipe. Thanks for a wonderful experience Wendy

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  4. We don’t often eat out so trips to Sweet Tomatoes are even less since my spouse cannot tolerate gluten. But our daughter LOVES ST so we try to come here. Much to our surprise you have gluten free coconut muffins and they are yummy! Should you decide to gear your menu towards more gluten free selections we are sure to come more often. Our daughter’s first choice to eat out is always here. Keep the muffins permanently please!

  5. I would like to learn more about the preparation of the new gluten-free muffin. Can you tell me what gluten-free flours are used? Where is the muffin prepared? How do you prevent cross contact when preparing, if it is made in a shared environment with gluten? Why did you decide to make a gluten-free muffin?

    I look forward to hearing back from you.


    Jennifer D. Harris

    1. Hi Jennifer – At this time we cannot promise there will be no cross contamination due to the variety of other menu items we prepare. We are continually striving to provide improved menu offerings and will continue to do so.

  6. These coconut muffins are by far my favorite bakery item you’ve ever had!!! The perfect combo of moist and chewy and of course delish! Can’t believe they’re gluten free! I’ll be so sad when they go away.. I really hope you share the recipe one day! I need these in my life! Thanks!

  7. These are some of the greatest gluten-free muffins I’ve ever tried. If you bring them back, we will keep coming back!

  8. If you understood how absolutely incredible it is to find something gluten free that is actually edible, you wouldn’t be so secretive. Or else you would serve them all the time. We ACHE for something that tastes “real” when we are celiac and cannot eat a bite of wheat. PLEASE think about offering them all the time or revealing your secret. It is just plain MEAN not to!!!!!!

    1. Thank you for your input, Johnnie. We will be sure to pass your thoughts along to our Culinary Team 🙂

  9. Please consider offering the gluten free coconut muffins all year round for all of us that are gluten free all year round. Some of us don’t have a choice but to eat GF and having a permanent item on the menu would make eating out more of a regular occurrence. Thank you!

    1. Thanks for your feedback, Keri! We are continually looking to improve and diversify our gluten-free menu offerings 🙂

  10. Hi!

    I just heard about these and am happy to hear they are gluten-free and dairy-free. I don’t need the recipe, but I’m curious about the ingredients because there are other things I can’t have. Can you tell me if these muffins contain millet, oats, or yeast?


    1. Hi Jen – The main ingredients are: gluten-free flour, egg, coconut milk and canola oil. Any other ingredients can be found by asking a manager at your nearest location for a full list to ensure that there is nothing that would interfere with your diet. 🙂

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  12. I recently tried your restaurant for the first time. I live in the Bahamas where there is no Sweet Tomatoes, but every trip to FL (which is at least once a month) I have to get “my fix” at Sweet Tomatoes! I didn’t realize that the Gluten Free Coconut Muffins were not on the menu all the time. Really disappointed about this, especially since I always bought an extra dozen muffins to bring back home with me (although, they all eaten before I made it back home!) PLEASE consider putting them on your full time menu! I would be happy to have your secret recipe, but as a restaurant owner, do understand why you wouldn’t give it out! They are delicious!!!

    1. Thanks for your feedback, Lisa! We’re always experimenting with new gluten-free menu items and muffin flavors so we love to know what our guests are thinking.

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  14. THANK YOU so much for the Gluten Free coconut muffins! It was a complete surprise when I saw them tonight at the Ft. Meyer’s Sweet Tomatoes restaurant. I almost started to cry! They were so delicious! And even better with the whipped honey butter spread on them! Please continue to have at least a few gluten-free bakery items. There are a lot of people who are not “celiac” that eat gluten-free for health reasons! Read the books “Wheat Belly” or “Grain Brain” and you’ll learn why!

  15. I already called corporate to beg you to have the GF coconut muffins as a regular menu item…try GF chooclate. They’re so incredibly delicious!!! I am curious abt the ingredients as there are alot of other things that cross react w gluten (wheat protein).
    How or where can I get list? In store?
    Keep them please!!! Thank you for such pleasure.

  16. My favorites are the Mushroom Soup and the Gluten Free Muffins. Pullllleeeeze make them a part of your regular menu.

    1. Hi Barbara – You’ll be excited to hear that our gluten-free muffins will be available again 4/22-4/24!

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  18. Can you please provide the ingredients of these muffins? My daughter and I cannot eat ANY starches (rice, potato, etc.) so oftentimes “gluten free” still includes foods we cannot eat.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Breana – For a more detailed breakdown, please contact the manager at your local location who will have a full list.

  19. Being GF ad DF these muffins intrigue me. But since I have other food sensitivities I really need to know what else is in them before I can try one. I agree with an earlier comment–more soups wheat-, corn- and dairy-free would be so nice. And I especially like it when you have sweet potatoes, not just russet!

    1. Hi Gail- The main ingredients for these muffins are Gluten Free flour, egg, coconut milk, and canola oil. For a more detailed list, please feel free to ask a manager at any location who will have the full ingredient breakdown 🙂

  20. Just saw the previous post. Would appreciate more vegan options. Often there are no vegan options for soups or baked items. Strict vegans don’t cheat…it is not a preference but an absolute for us. I often don’t eat with the rest of my party when there are no options available. Thanks!

  21. Hi, I was hoping you would put these muffins out permanently. My whole family is GF and when we went there a week or two ago they weren’t there 🙁 We really enjoyed having a dessert muffin. My dad who is not GF absolutely loved them and raves about them every time I mention ST.

    1. Hi Steph – Thanks for letting us know! Keep an eye on our rotating menus to know when we bring them back 🙂

  22. This page is filed under ‘Recipes’ on your blog…
    WHERE IS THE RECIPE for these heavenly delights???

  23. While I very much appreciate the effort to add gluten free items, I am hesitant to try the muffins because of the cross contamination possibilities. Aside from possible cross contamination during the preparation, they are sitting out right next to all the other baked goods where people could use the same utensil to pick up multiple different types of muffins. Please try to address these concerns for those of us who can become sick from cross contamination. I do love the chili!! Thanks!

    1. Hi Lisa – Yes, at this time we cannot promise there will be absolutely no cross contamination due to the environment we serve our food. We are continually trying to improve our offerings and hope we can address your concerns more fully in the future 🙂

  24. yes these coconut muffins are the bomb!! They are heavily delicious and soft very addictive!! Please send me the recipe pleasepleaseplease!!

  25. Are these muffins also dairy free? I notice they are not listed as VEGAN.
    I have a wheat allergy but also a dairy allergy and would be very excited to find out that I can have these (esp given the RAVE reviews).

  26. I really have enjoyed your GF Coconut Muffins. They are sooooo delicious! They are the first GF bread product/recipe I have really liked. The crunchy tops & the muffin texture are heavenly! I have not been able to resist having four each time I go to Sweet Tomatoes. Thank you very much!

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