Gluten-Free Muffin Mania: Coconut Muffins are back!


Gluten-Free Muffin available at Souplantation/ Sweet TomatoesEver since we introduced our Gluten-Free Coconut Muffin, we’ve been hearing nothing but ravenous, rave reviews from our fans on our blog and across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, gushing about how much they love this sweet treat! Our chefs listened to your feedback and are bringing them back for a limited time.

Chewy, yet with a perfectly crunchy top, we can’t help but agree that these dairy-free and gluten-free muffins are like taking a bite out of a tropical paradise. Don’t believe us – read on to see what some of our fans are saying and be sure to get a taste for yourself between April 22nd – April 24th, when they make their comeback, again!

These coconut muffins are by far my favorite bakery item you’ve ever had!!! The perfect combo of moist and chewy and of course delish! Can’t believe they’re gluten free! – Lili B.

These are some of the greatest gluten-free muffins I’ve ever tried. If you bring them back, we will keep coming back! – Greg

These are the best thing you’ve ever served! – Mary M.

The coconut muffin best ever! – Evie F.

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41 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Muffin Mania: Coconut Muffins are back!”

  1. Wow, I guess we will be going every night from the 22nd to the 24th, too bad they were NOT available for the Easter Sunday Brunch (20th). Look delicious again! GF no problem.

  2. Just seen that you have gluten free coconut muffins and people are saying how good they are so I will be in to try them out. Its nice to see gluten free as I cant have gluten and I always have to pass up the goodies when I come.

  3. Can’t wait to see full nutritional info on these delish’ sounding muffins!! How soon will this be available this time? Hopefully before they’re gone again. How many grams of sugar per each , etc…?

  4. We, who have to live with gluten intolerance, (and there are many of us: 48% I believe) are very appreciative and grateful to any restaurant who offers delicious, gluten free items. Many do not yet understand how serious this is for us; and I hope they research on the internet to realize the importance of offering gluten free dinners and desserts that are similar to the wheat flour items.
    Therefore it is just very intelligent to add these items to the menu by simply using gluten-free flour instead of white (actually wheat) flour choices. Believe me when I say that the businesses who do this will add many customers to their list and benefit financially and well as socially! THANK YOU from all who yearn for tasty food that is GF. I will also be coming to enjoy this treat!!

  5. I’m very interested in trying these… How can I find out an ingredient list so I’m positive I won’t react to anything?!?… I have multiple sensitivities so I stay away from all baked goods when we go to Sweet Tomatoes… I’d love to know if I could try these.

  6. Only 222 – 24th we gluten free folks would like a more frequent gluten free treat.
    Love those muffins.

  7. Just read an email from Sweet Tomatoes about their GF Coconut Muffins. After reading all of the positive comments, I’m shutting this puppy down and driving over to Duluth to try these with a nice, healthy salad. Your food is simply off the chain. My favorites are the Shrimp Bisque soup, Clam Chowder, the small breads that have mozzarella and/or Asiago cheeses. I’ve never tried the pastas or desserts, except when the staff walks around and hands out cookies fresh out of the oven. I talk about this place so much with family, that they all want to go there whenever they come to visit from Maryland.
    Thank you for a great restaurant.

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  9. So excited that they’re back! I will be going at least twice this week while they’re around! Any chance you guys will make them a permanent offering? Pretty please!! =D

  10. My husband & son are gluten intolerant. Eating out is always such a challenge. They love the gluten-free coconut muffins, as do I. I wish you could do an entire month of gluten-free, where every item in your restaurants were safe for people with gluten issues. Barilla now makes an excellent gluten-free pasta that is the same price as regular. Also Udi’s bread will give you huge discounts if you buy in bulk. We have been regular customers for years & we would just love one month of no worries when we dine with you. Thank you ~ Jen

  11. Although I am not gluten intolerant, I think these muffins are simply delicious. Please consider keeping these on the permanent menu. I’m sure those that do need to eat gluten free will appreciate it as much as others who just enjoy these gems.

  12. I was very upset to visit the location in Addison TX and not have gluten free muffins, In fact the salads and only one gluten free slaw was offered. I was not the only one upset, there were other people asking about gluten free items while I was in line, My family loves to go here to eat sadly I have to eat boring because I am celiac

  13. Love your restaurant. My husband is vegan and I am vegetarian and we visit the Sweet Tomatoes in Largo, Florida every week while we vacation for 5 months in the winter. We bring all our friends with us. We love your Gluten Free Coconut Muffins!! We live in Canada and wondered when you might start some restaurants up here. There are not enough good vegetarian places to eat here.

  14. I live in WA state where there are no Souplantations and every time I come to visit my Mom in California I look forward to dining at the Souplantation in Camarillo. The coconut muffins are my FAVORITE thing EVER (and I don’t have any gluten restrictions). I was so disappointed they were not there when I got here April 29th. Please make them a permanent menu item so I can enjoy them throughout all my visits. And bring Souplantation to WA!

    1. Thanks for liking our newest muffins so much, Suzanne! We currently only have 1 location in Washington (in Vancouver), hopefully we can see you more often!

  15. Nice that people like these so much, but my dietary restriction is low fat. Are they also low fat? Do you even care any more about people whose dietary restriction is low fat? Low-fat muffins used to be a permanent menu item. Sucks to be us now, I guess. Maybe we can have a piece of plain dry sourdough instead.

    1. Hi Robert – you can see the full nutritional breakdown for these muffins here. And don’t fret, as with all of our menu offerings, our muffins all rotate so your favorites will be back on the bar soon.

  16. The gluten free coconut muffins are the best muffins I have ever had! It is 9/4/14 today and I am wondering if there are plans to have them back in the restaurant. If not, when will you post the recipe so I can attempt to make them at home!

    1. Hi Jessica – We are testing a few different flavors of gluten-free muffins over the next few months, so we hope you stop by to give them a try and then share which is your favorite!

      1. I tried the apple cinnamon gluten free muffins and they don’t compare to how good the coconut ones are. Those should be a regular item at your restaurants, if they were, I would be a regular at souplantation too! Will you be posting the recipe for the coconut muffins?

        1. We’re keeping our recipes a secret for now, Jessica. But thank you for sharing your opinion! We just may feature our guests’ favorite muffin on a longer term basis 🙂

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