Meet Our Broccoli Farmer: Broccoli Bob


Imagine over 100 acres of planted broccoli. Imagine that it’s all yours. Imagine how much Joan’s Broccoli Madness Salad you could make and indulge in with the tasty crop. Guess what? We’re here to share that this daydream is (kind of) a reality. While we don’t recommend eating that much Joan’s Broccoli Madness in one sitting, Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes does have 120 acres of broccoli planted at Campbell Ranches exclusively at our disposal to create as many tasty dishes as possible (yum!).

You may wonder how that much broccoli makes it to your table still fresh, and Bob Campbell (our grower and owner of Campbell Ranches) has the answer with his agricultural cooler. With the ability to cool produce quickly in three different ways, this technology is able to immediately ice down our broccoli, which allows Campbell Ranches to move it into refrigerated trucks and then rush it to our kitchens where we hand cut the produce – all within the same day it is harvested. Pretty cool pickings, huh?

We consider Bob Campbell an integral member of the Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes family and have bestowed the nickname “Broccoli Bob” upon him. Since we also consider each of our guests an important part of our family, we hope that if you are in the San Diego area on Saturday, November 22nd, you’ll join us at our Give up a Can and Discover Fresh event at the Del Mar Souplantation location. Along with the chance to meet Broccoli Bob, we’ll be handing out produce samples straight from Campbell Ranches to the first 100 attendees. We will also be collecting canned food donations for the North County Food Bank, offering a free meal pass to each person who donates a non-perishable good to use that day! Come along, enjoy the taste of farm-fresh broccoli with us & make sure to share your excitement during the event using the hashtag, #SouplantationDelMar.

From raw to steamed to grilled, what ways do you like to enjoy broccoli? Share in the comments below.

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