San Diego Souplantations Get a Fresh New Look

Change is Good. In Fact, It’s Delicious.

Fresh ingredients make all of our recipes at Souplantation taste better – so imagine how delicious your meal will be when dining in our newly refreshed San Diego locations! Since San Diego is our hometown and where our roots are based, we wanted to give our restaurants in this area a little extra love with bright new paint, contemporary flooring, updated lighting, modernized décor and even a few new Freestyle Coke Machines. We can’t wait for you to visit our refreshed locations so you can see what’s new for yourself!

Now you can enjoy all of your favorite made-from-scratch soups, freshly baked breads and focaccias, and of course, all of the crisp, fresh salad bar ingredients you know and love in an updated atmosphere

Ready for a delicious and wholesome meal in a whole new environment? Now is the perfect time to take a break from cooking and treat yourself, your family and your friends to a nutritious meal in one of these cool and welcoming refreshed restaurants. Visit us at one of our newest refreshed locations in San Diego:

  • Kearny MesaREFRESHED and ready for you to visit
  • La Mesa REFRESHED and ready for you to visit
  • Mission GorgeREFRESHED and ready for you to visit
  • VistaREFRESHED and ready for you to visit
  • CarlsbadREFRESHED and ready for you to visit
  • Mira MesaREFRESHED and ready for you to visit

Be sure to let your friends and family know of our updates (and plan a meal together) – just use the “SHARE” button below to help spread the news!



32 thoughts on “San Diego Souplantations Get a Fresh New Look”

  1. I hope “refreshing” doesn’t mean making them as loud and noisy as you made the Pt. Loma location with so many hard surfaces for sound waves to bounce off. It used to be our favorite place to eat out. We gave it 3 tries after it was re-modeled. Then we gave up because of the noisy décor. We go to the Chula Vista location once in awhile now. Not having mushroom soup on Mondays certainly takes away a lot of incentive, though.

  2. I am really disappointed by the “New” changes at Souplantation. The furniture is hard edged and uncomfortable. The appearance is brushed stainless steel and very sterile and uninviting. The new serving concept is unattractive and again sharp edged and uninviting. The overall feel of the place now is “Hurry-up and Get Out!!” sensation. I know the staff at my local (Vista, CA.) Souplantation and they have similar views about the new décor and feel of their restaurant. What a let down Souplantation.

    1. We are so sorry you didn’t like our updates. Our refreshes were done to make the environment you dine in as fresh as the menu items you’re eating. We hope that as we settle into our new digs, you find it more enjoyable 🙂

  3. I’m sorry to hear that some people aren’t enjoying the new, refreshed locations. As a designer I applaud you for the new look and feel! The atmosphere is fresh, inviting and reminiscent of dining at a Sonoma Valley patio! I don’t get any sort of “hurry up” or “rushed” feel from any of the changes–in fact I feel much more comfortable and relaxed in the new environment– which is certainly more modern design wise than the locations previously had been.

    My wife and I love everything you’ve done to the locations (and the food is as delicious as ever!) Keep up the fantastic work!

  4. Please Leave Mira Mesa Location ALONE! After your Carmel Valley refresh; So, Not happy with the changes! So many of us were hoping you’d leave Some of them Alone!
    IF you value your customers opinions, leave the insides alone and just give us MORE Veggie choices, ( sprouts) soup choices and MORE Large size muffin choices! Without adding to our out of pocket charge.
    All you’ve done is make the restaurants More noisy, with horribly uncomfortable chairs and tables, and difficult to maneuver areas, Like the drink stations, where you can’t get your horrible trays on. You try to get your drink, while holding a tray, go ahead try!

  5. I like the old style! I’ve been going to the Point Loma location for several years at least once a week.
    I noticed the manager had been replaced, along with annoying music, and change of plates and bowls. What’s the idea of having flat plates for the pasta bar? Ever chase down a piece of mac and cheese around a plate?
    The trays seem like they’re made of cardboard, which may be an environmental choice, but doesn’t seem like they’d get very clean between uses.
    Did you change the dishwashing equipment too? I have to go through two or three plates until I find one that doesn’t have old food stuck to it.
    Sorry guys, but I find myself going less and less these days.

    1. Hi Diane – We are so sorry for your disappointment in our new dishes and trays (if you’re ever having trouble with the mac ‘n cheese, try filling up a soup bowl!). Also, please feel free to contact the manager on duty if there is a concern about the dishes that have been set out. We would like to address this immediately for you during your visit so you are able to get back to enjoying your meal.

  6. I wish you’d move into Santee. Boot out Mimi’s or take over the available space where Thrifty Drug was (on Mission Gorge). We need something healthy here!

    1. I totally agree! The close ones on mission gorge and in La mesa are terrible. Just open a new one here in Santee please

      1. And with those locations it’s more just that the space is very cramped, whereas your newer locations feel more roomy. We love the one off sports arena!

  7. I agree with Shelly We are from AZ and are used to Sweet Tomatos every Friday night. We have tried the one on mission gorge …Not good.

    1. We are sorry for your disappointment, Dona. Please, if you ever have any issues, feel free to contact the manager on duty so they can rectify any issues immediately.

  8. So I like the look but I really am NOT a fan of the new Coke Machines. Maybe it worked in field testing but try it out on a school Friday night at the RB location when kids are taking their time and the line is 8 deep. I would suggest in the future trying to figure out how to space plan to get a regular dispenser in place as well. I know the kids LIKE it – but it sorta stinks for the 5 minute wait to get the drink and you start to get people finishing their dinners at vastly different times….a true JOY with a 7 and 8 year old 😉

    1. Thank you for your feedback, Erik. As time goes on, we’re doing our best to make adjustments and learn what our guests’ preferences are.

  9. I don’t like the fresh, aka: cold, sterile feel either. Haven’t seen the new soda machines, but they definitely needed more than one. The fresh, continually skyrocketing prices suck. It’s lettuce! Costs you 35 cents and we pay over $10. Great racket tho.

    1. We are sorry for your disappointment in our new refresh, K. We hope as we settle in, the fresh look will grow on you 🙂

  10. There’s a HUGE need for a Souplantation in downtown. Even if it were a scaled down version, that would be awesome! We need a salad bar! 655 W. Broadway has a restaurant space available. Yes, I work in that building and am tired of the same overpriced stuff that keeps failing in that space. PLEASE!!!! =)

  11. I like the new look. I’m from la Mesa and would drive to del mar to eat in the updated location there. La Mesa was run down and needed something new. The carpet smelled. Glad you made changes. Wish I was there to see. I moved. Bring sweet tomatoes to

  12. I had been going on a regular basis to the one in Pt. Loma, but I find the re-do there confusing, noisy and the muffin choices limited. ( I still remember and liked very much the large blueberry muffins of long, long ago).. So now I go to the one in Kearney Mesa, which has the same layout as it did with overall cleaner look. The food choices are excellent and now I can go for dinner at a cut-rate price for seniors during the week.

  13. I love the idea behind where y’all are goin with the new look but the metal chairs HURT! I don’t know if it’s just me but I do not have a Pinocchio butt…kay, I am a full figured woman and by that I don’t mean 300lbs…..I’m average sized and even though my behind is squishy….it doesn’t mean I don’t feel thin metal bars bruising my cakes.

    Btw, I sent a comment in about having more vegan options besides JUST salad…ratatoulli soup is to DIE for!!!!!! I could just have the broth and be in heaven 🙂

  14. I just visited the location in Kearny Mesa (San Diego) with my son. Sad how bad this ‘refresh’ has gone down. Four months ago, when I last visited, my son and I had 2 dinners with beverages that came to about 16 dollars. Tonight, with 20% off coupons, the total was 24 dollars. I am more then aware of inflation, but 50 %? My son commented that the quality was down. He also noticed that there were no cookies nor muffins. I also noticed quality issues such as the clam chowder being heavy on potatoes but light on clams (as in no clams.) We both noticed decreased selections. Likewise, my son heard the phrase, “they’ll be out in five minutes” three times. You should not be running out of anything, this is all pre packaged bulk material. Watch the line and get it heated up and out before the product is empty.

    For 25 bucks, I think I would be better served at a regular local full service restaurant. Don’t worry about competition, Hometown Buffet has become an overpriced craphole cafeteria too. Nice commercials but complete failure in practice. Filthy. At least your new hard floors and tables are easy clean.

    In closing, it was Friday night;, in the past, the line would be out the door and the place packed. Tonight, nobody in line, lots of seat available in the dining room, great fast service, but at what cost? a 50 % premium?.

    Good luck.
    “Done with the Plantation”

    1. We are very sorry for your disappointing experience, Keith. As all of our menu items are made fresh, we do occasionally experience a backup when we don’t foresee demand, but always work to get you fresh menu items as soon as possible. If you ever think something is amiss or taking too long, please do not hesitate to grab the manager’s attention so they can get everything on track. Also, please be sure to update your Club Veg email preferences, that way we can send you coupons and offers tailored to you 🙂 We hope we can impress you during your next visit.

  15. Well, after reading the comments about the so called ” refreshing” of the stores, I’m not sure I want to even give it a try. Used to go there at least once a week, but haven’t been in 5 months. If I am paying out good money for service, then I believe I deserve to be comfortable and not annoyed by noise. I’ll try again soon, but am not hopeful. Also, I have brought up the “Mushroom Soup Gate” problem a couple of times. It has been months since the beloved soup has been served. I was told by your staff that it would be offered not as often, but it would be on the menu at least every other month. I very disappointed by your direction.
    Sometimes keeping the tried and true is better financially and in customer loyalty.

  16. Did you change the Caesar salad dressing recipe?
    When I ate some this past weekend, I noticed it didn’t have the same flavor as in the past.
    Seemed to be missing an ingredient; it wasn’t as flavorful. Little on the bland side.
    Just wondering if this was a fluke or if the recipe has changed?

    1. Hi Marie – Nothing has changed as of now. We do make each salad fresh so there are occasional times when the tastes may differ slightly. We do encourage all of our guests to get the attention of a manager on duty to notify them if anything seems wrong with a menu item. That way, we can make you a fresh batch and you can get back to enjoying your meal 🙂

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