‘Nanie’ Zambito Celebrates 102nd Birthday at Souplantation

'Nanie' Celebrates 102nd Birthday at Souplantation

While many centenarians have their secrets for that coveted achievement of reaching 100, Lauren DiBiase says her grandmother, Frances Zambito, known as “Nanie,” has her own secret:  Souplantation is one of them.

Lauren says, “My Nanie has always said, ‘eating lots of fruits and vegetables’ is what allowed her to live this long with relatively great health!” Recently, she shared her grandmother’s birthday celebration on the social media platforms. We reached out to Lauren for an inside scoop.

Some of the fondest memories Lauren cherishes is when her father or grandmother took her to the first Souplantation in Mission Gorge. So, when Nanie turned 102, she knew where she wanted to celebrate her birthday with family and friends.

“It’s always been her favorite ‘go to’ because of the fresh food and most importantly – the ice cream!  She eats it in a giant salad bowl at the end of every meal – she won’t go get it herself because she doesn’t want to ‘look like a pig’ so I always do it for her,” says Lauren. She also favorites the cream of mushroom soup, chicken noodle soup, sweet potatoes, and mini muffins.

Robert Suarez, the Mission Gorge Souplantation General Manager, rolled out the red carpet for Nanie’s birthday celebration. “Huge kudos and thanks for the hospitality,” says Lauren.

Lauren appreciates the wholesome goodness in fruits and vegetables, learning a great deal from her Nanie over the years. “Nanie and I thank Souplantation for its continued mission to offer fresh, healthy ingredients and offers all the time! She especially enjoys Christmas and Mother’s Day because that is when I give her gift cards to Souplantation.”

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