What is Delicious and Crispy Tasting plus Perfect for All Your Salads and Soups?

…it’s Wonton Strips!

Crunch crunch crunch. Who loves a little bit of crunch on top of their salad? Or in their delicious soup? Wonton strips are delicious toppers you can add to your fresh tasting salad and flavorful soup. Or enjoy the wonton strips already tossed in our famous Wonton Happiness Salad that we have been preparing for many years! The wonton strips come from Wing Hing Foods, based in Ontario, CA.

Wing Hing’s knowledge and expertise in noodle making goes back to a small village in Toi San, a small village in South China. Robert Yee, who immigrated to the United States as a teenager in 1948, founded the noodle company in 1978 with his wife and in laws, The Wongs. It started out as a “mom and pop” operation with one machine making noodles for Chinese restaurants in Los Angeles.

Jade at Wing Hing

Jade Wong Lucas, the national accounts director, is the niece of Robert Yee. Her maternal grandfather, Hailey On Wong, was a first generation immigrant and an entrepreneur. “From humble beginnings in a factory in Chinatown he made noodles, fortune cookies, almond cookies, and bean sprouts for the Asian community in the Los Angeles.  In the late 1970s, The Yees and Wongs got started with Wing Hing Noodle Company.  Robert Yee then grew the company,” says Jade.

In 2003, Jade came on board to help with the family business and says, “The secret is in the process and how it is made. Ingredients are standard when it comes to noodles. How it is made makes the difference. Authenticity is what makes it great. It is more of an art, partial science, how it is mixed, how it is cured. There is a science, a touch and feel, the texture of the product that makes it unique.”

“For me, it is more than a paycheck, a passion for making quality noodles and bringing it to the mainstream,” says Jade.

As you enjoy April Asian Month’s menu, think about adding some extra crunch to each bite as you pass by the salad and soup bar. It might be your next favorite topping.

About Wing Hing Foods

Since 1978, Wing Hing products have been served at leading restaurants around the United States, and today our products are found in restaurants in Europe, North America, South America and the Middle East. Our products include fresh (refrigerated and frozen) noodles, wraps, crispy salad toppers, and appetizers manufactured in our state-of-the-art, 106,000-square-foot facility in Southern California.

Wing Hing Foods is a wholly owned subsidiary of Passport Food Group, LLC.

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