Snap a Photo to Win 4 Free Meal Passes!

To celebrate our gluten-free offerings—especially our delicious Gluten-Free Coconut Muffins—we’re hosting a photo contest! From now until February 14th, every trip to your nearest Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes is an opportunity to snap a pic of your #myGFplate and enter to win 4 free meal passes!

Entering is super simple, just follow these instructions:

Need a little inspiration on what to photograph? Take a look at all of the gluten-free menu items we have available and start to design your plate. Don’t forget to “SHARE” the contest with your friends using the buttons below (they could invite you along to share their passes if they win!)

10 thoughts on “Snap a Photo to Win 4 Free Meal Passes!”

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    1. I was excited to hear there was another gluten free item. However I don’t like blue cheese and would like to try another type. Perhaps fete?

  2. Thank you for promoting gluten free items. Both my wife and I follow that path for improved health. Please keep bringing out more GF choices, especially ones like your new coconut muffins. Also, please add GF labels to your current choices as sometimes it is hard to identify which items are GF, i.e. various soups and chili. Thank you!

    1. Thanks for the suggestions, Rick. If it helps, we always post a list of all of our gf items here on our blog. We hope to see your #myGFplate submission soon!

  3. Can you please OPEN a Sweet Tomamtoe restaurant in KATY, Texas? 😉
    We always drive 20 miles every weekend to eat at the closest location in Sugar Land!
    We need you in Katy! Cinco ranch, cross creek area!


  4. After being diagnosed with Celiac a few months ago my husband took me here to eat one day. This has now become our favorite place! We come here a lot! I was excited to try the gluten free muffins. Both him and I loved them! I’m a little disappointed they are gone and hope that they will be brought back soon. They were without a doubt the best gluten free baked food I’ve had since being diagnosed!! I also miss the Santa Fe black bean chill. I use your blog to identify the gluten free seasonal options but I’m happy to see the new gluten free signs on the food! Ps: bring back the coconut muffins please 🙂

    1. Thanks for your feedback, Christin! Our menu is typically created from the items that are well received by guests, so be sure to let the manager at your location know how much you enjoyed the muffins 🙂

  5. Hi! Have you decided on the contest winner yet?! Julie and I are anxiously waiting! We’ve been best friends for 18 years and bring our 4 young kids to sweet tomatoes almost every week for a lunch date! We sit in the same seats and talk with our favorite server (who shares his stories of his QUAD toddlers!!!). It’s the best lunch of our week! Thanks for making so many items GF. I’ve had celiac disease since I was 12 and lunch time out and about is always the hardest meal to eat GF. But not at Sweet Tomatoes!

    1. Hi Jill & Julie – Thank you so much for entering! We have already announced our winner on Instagram. We hope that you continue to visit us and stay tuned for our next contest 🙂

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