Taste the World, Destination: Mediterranean & Mexico

Taste the World MenuOur Taste the World culinary adventure continues through September as we say, “Arrivederci” to the delicious cuisine of Italy and Asia and venture into our Mediterranean and Mexico menus! Filled with the delicious flavors of each region, make sure you get your passport stamped for both culinary destinations.

First stop of the month is the Mediterranean! From September 1st -13th you don’t have to fly all the way to Europe – just visit your local Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes and fill up on menu items like our Classic Greek Tossed Salad, Whole Grain Greek Couscous with Pine Nuts, and Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup.

The final stop of all in our Taste the World travels, from September 16th – 28th, is our Mexico menu. Zesty options such as Azteca Taco Tossed Salad with Turkey, Southwest Chipotle Focaccia, and Albondigas Locas Soup will have your taste buds yelling, “Olé!”

Don’t forget your Taste the World passport in September – our Taste the World contest will still be in full-swing!  Continue entering for the chance to win 1 of 5 daily prizes as well as the ultimate Grand Prize: a $5,000 Culinary Vacation!

Haven’t entered yet? It’s easy! Just follow our simple contest instructions below, and take a look at the official rules.

  1. Dine at your local Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes through September 28th and be sure to save your receipt!
  2. Visit to register, and then enter the unique code found on your receipt to collect World Stamps on your virtual passport.
  3. Share your progress with friends via Facebook, Twitter, and email to receive additional entries.

Remember: the more World Stamp entries you collect the more chances you have to win! So be sure to visit your local Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes in September for your chance to enter!

38 thoughts on “Taste the World, Destination: Mediterranean & Mexico”

  1. I only wish this eating place recognized singles or people who are separated and not make it bogo. Maybe so much off one.

    1. Hi Robert, we offer a wide range of coupons. Be sure to click through on your Club Veg emails to see more coupon options.

    2. No need to go alone and lose out on the BOGO! Go with a friend, relative, or share the savings with another single person in line at Souplantation!

    3. Souplantaton Veggie Club sent me a Birthday Coupon to use on my birthday however, it was one of their BOGO coupons. I went alone and the MOD (told me the coupon was to bring in more customers!? Left a sour taste! I was a weekly customer however, have made less visits to Souplantation since that incident!) would NOT honor the coupon since I was alone. I ended up paying for my Birthday meal. Should have gone to Outback Steakhouse of Benihana (both within a block radius of this Souplantation!) for my birthday meal instead! I did share my BOGO Birthday coupon with the couple behind me. Will dine at another restaurant on my birthday in the future…Sorry to say… Souplantation…”may” have lost a frequent customer…

      1. We are very sorry for your disappointment. Our birthday coupons are meant to be a celebration of you and hopefully to share the great occasion with a friend!

        1. what nonsense admin!
          if someone wants to enjoy his day in peace and quiet with his fav food, what is your problem!

        2. You do realize, don’t you, that coupons and special deals are promotional? They don’t have to have them at all. Why do you think this, or any, restaurant owes you a special deal? Did you complain about not being allowed to order off of a senior menu before you qualified for it? If you have children, did you insist that they be allowed to order from the 12 and under menu when they were 14? Where is this sense of entitlement coming from, that prove businesses owe you extra things?

  2. We go to sweet tomatoes every Sunday after church. I print out extra coupons and give them to my friends. We have such a lovey time and so very much enjoy the fresh food and soups! It has become our place of choice. Our waitress “Jackie” ALWAYS takes such good care of us and is so accommodating to our group size! It just doesn’t get better than that!

  3. The change in music — wailing Country Western (which we used to call “Hillbilly Music”) is atrocious, and doubly so when played full blast as it is at our location. The manager seems to want everyone to listen to a “concert” while they try to eat.

    1. Hi Margaret, if there is ever an issue please never hesitate to bring it to the manager’s attention so they can rectify it for you.

  4. My family and I LOVE Lemon Orzo soup, and also Albondigas Locas Soup…keep these coming often and we will be there!!

  5. I am obsessed with the Asian Ginger Broth soup. I wish y’all would keep that around more often! I am there at least 2x a month! LOVE IT! 🙂

  6. We go to the Overland Park Kansas location weekly! – Great food – great people – but we REALLY WISH you all would lighten up on all the darn cheese in everything! Somtimes I go and with the exception of the clam chowder and chicken noodle, every soup is either cheese based or has significant amounts of cheese. I always have to ask to have pasta made special without the added cheese and all the great seasonal salads are often riddled with cheese! I happen to have a cheese (not dairy) allergy but rest assured, there are a lot more of us out there that just don’t like cheese!!!!!!!

  7. hi i’ve commented on this before-is the chocolate lava cake the only dessert you are offering anymore? for the last several months, that ‘s the only cake you have . sometimes you offer a different one (as you did aug.22-25 with the apple cobbler), but if you are a senior you cannot take advantage of this because you only have the senior special (6.99 before 5pm mon-thurs), or it may fall on the weekend when you cannot go. i know i’m not the only customer who has made this comment. you used to have a lot of different desserts-carrot cake, pineapple upside down, cobblers- to mention a few. if there is a reason why you have the same cake, please let me know.

    1. I feel for you, Leslie. The chocolate lava cake has pretty much become the 365-days a year dessert – and, truly, it’s a great abomination. I’m embarrassed for Sweet Tomatoes that they would have anything supplied for human consumption that looks the way it does after, perhaps, the first five diners take to it with those slop collecting spoons. How difficult could it possibly be for the restaurant to at least offer cherry cobbler, apple cobbler, peach cobbler, berry cobbler – alternately? Answer: It wouldn’t be difficult at all. Obviously, the company just doesn’t care, But, it’s only one of many examples that could be given, at least as regards my Sweet Tomatoes location in Addison, Texas. How often have you gone to get a bowl of, say, Vegetable and Chicken soup – yet there’s not even a hint of a piece of chicken in it – and even the vegetables are sometimes rare. What you get is vegetable and chicken broth. Of course, it’s understood that the diners scoop from the “bottom of the kettle” to get the vegetables and chicken. It’s only natural, and to be expected. For that reason, it ought to be expected, too, that the restaurant personnel should keep the “goodies” replenished in the soup. I’ve been to my local Sweet Tomatoes when there’s not been even one single strand of onion in their French Onion soup. Not one! Tonight there wasn’t a single piece of chicken in the 8 Vegetables and Chicken soup.

      The idea behind Sweet Tomatoes is grand, but the execution is very much lacking. My partner and I used to go at least twice a week, but tonight was our first return back after about a 3-month hiatus – and I’ve got to say, it was disappointing, and a mistake. Leslie: I wish you hadn’t gotten me started!

      1. Hi Bruce – We are very sorry for your disappointment. Please never hesitate to contact the manager on duty during your visit if something is not up to par so that they can address the issue immediately.

        1. I feel I really need to reply to admin in support of Leslie and Bruce on this one (if a little late). My husband and I too are not visiting ST’s as much lately. Price increase is making it not worth the 70mile round trip we used to do once sometimes two or three times a week. So tired of the Chocolate Lava and those awful Brownie Bites. We have complained to the Manager at the branch we visit most, and she kindly gave us a complimentary meal pass, but I have to say we are not happy and I have told my husband we have to find somewhere else to eat, because it is making us miserable.
          We are looking at the menu and only going when you have more variety and bring back some of the favorites. By the way you might be interested to know the staff at the Sarasota branch agree and have had MANY complaints, so, ADMIN please listen and pass this on to your meal planners, or I feel you will be losing a lot of customers!!!

  8. Love love Sweet Tomatoes! My only request is that you have the cream of mushroom soup more often. It is the absolute best soup I have ever had!

  9. I have tried to print the buy one get one for $1 coupone so we can use it tomorrow but it will not print all I get are little squares. Any suggestions

    1. Hi Nancy – Click the round button at the top of the email (next to the image of Mexico) and a sheet with coupons should open up for easy printing!

  10. My husband & I love the chicken Lemon orzo soup, however, the last few times we were there the soup was way tooooo watery. I don’t know if they are adding too much liquid to it or you have changed the recipe. The Lemon orzo soup use to be much thicker and had more chicken in it. We always would buy 3 quarts of this soup to take home but now we do not buy it because it’s like water with orzo in it! We even told the manager and she said it has been coming to their store more diluted and she also remembers when it was much thicker & creamier. She also told us that other customers have also made the same complaint about the soup. Maybe you should check your recipe & go back to the original one.

  11. Got excited when I saw Posole on the menu however, disappointed when saw it’s made with pork. I Love posole however, Not able to eat pork…Wish you made the posole with chicken instead of pork. Please consider making posole with chicken since more people can eat chicken than pork… Thank You Very Much.

  12. It would be great if the $24.99 family dinner coupon would also be valid for 3 adults, for those of us that have 1 adult sized child (16y/o).

    For example;
    2 adults + 2 children (12 and under)
    3 adults.

  13. Please change the music — wailing Disco Music” is atrocious, when played full blast as it is at our location the Alhambra . They seem to think everyone wants to listen to a “concert” the singer screaming and the guitar whiling! while people try to eat 🙁 it would be nice to come and eat with soft dinner type music or easy lessoning music : ) people can feel relax and enjoy eating and talking with who ever they came to eat with , my husband and I come every day and enjoy the place the workers are friendly and managers also… it is just the music is loud 🙂

    1. I wish you had an app that would allow those of us who are struggling with allergies to check your food items
      and find those which are “SAFE”…

      This could be a wonderful app for creating happier, healthy customers.
      I also am single, and as the population ages, there will be more of us…SO BEGONE BOGO if ONE IS SOLO!!!
      A discount on a meal for one is the right thing to do. YOU don’t get to decide that we need to eat with someone when our significant “other” has died…and we just need to get food to nourish our tired, sad soul…we don’t need to make small talk or give away our “GIFT” from you…RE THINK THIS PLEASE…If we are writing you..
      We mean it…There are many other restaurants today that surpass your offerings…for one…URBAN PLATES!
      Lunch or dinner in Del Mar, CA to the left of Jimbo’s Health Store is amazing. $10 lunch OR DINNER.
      No confusing coupons, and changing days they are “good”….Honestly…stop changing the days/dates you offer senior special pricing…PLEASE consider this: stabilize your offers so we have one less thing to have to remember (or forget) Oh, Drat…that was good on a “different” day/time, etc. Usually, I love and often frequent your places, but it has gotten so expensive and complicated, I now often go to Subway and just grab a sandwich or Panera’s for a warmer atmosphere….Just letting you know. Warmly, Catherine

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  15. Our Coral Springs Florida restaurant is wonderful. The staff always caters to those that dine, especially the great manager, Mr. R. Jensen who is most pleasant, cheerful and courteous. He is a role model for Sweet Tomatoes.
    The negative comment s:
    Too many varied pricing coupons. With 10 people on line, there can be at least 5 different costs for the same meal. This makes it very uncomfortable!! Yes, there should be varied deserts, not only lava cake each day. and with the exception of the desert, why is there such a price difference between lunch and dinner for the same meal. Prices have been increasing steadily at Coral Springs but there will be a saturation point when the meal becomes to costly, especially in this economy. Thank you for listening

  16. I’ve read all the comments, and thanks. My only concern, Since the selection and Value is superb, is to be constant with your coupons. Used to be $6.99, then $7.29 and now varied and different if you are alone or with someone one. PLEASE make up your mind and decide, say for a year, a set discount and stick by it. I go to Cypress Creek, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach and sometimes, West Palm Beach, but not as often since the prices vary. I love Sweet Tomatoes, and have for nearly 15 years, and your representatives are to die for, Number one, Tony, and of course, Kinsey, Valentine, Sabrina, and John. Wonderful people, wonderful concept and restaurants. Thank you, Walter

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  19. When are you going to announce the winner for Taste of the World contest if you haven’t? If it already happened, where are the results posted?

  20. Hi I’m a Mexican America women restaurant owner who was approached by a Whole Foods Market local foyer to produce my vegan / vegetarian posole soup in 22 local stores which would be served in their soup bar. I am currently working with a licensed co packer and delivery drivers. I want to know who I can contact in your company to sample my healthy, Mexican fusion soup and hopefully do business with you.

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