Featured Recipe: Asian Ginger Broth

Light, and surprisingly filling, one of our most popular and most requested featured soups is Asian Ginger Broth. If you were able to make a stop into Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes for the Asia menu during our Taste the World travels, you probably enjoyed this delicious vegetarian option. Best part of the broth? The savory toppings – including a few fresh superfoods – that you could add, to each bowl such as:

Since this menu item is such a fan favorite, we wanted to share our recipe with everyone to enjoy at home after it is gone on the 28th! Ladle out a few bowls to your friends and family as a side dish or the meal’s main attraction by following the simple recipe below.

(Want to print this recipe? Simply click on the image and print the page that it opens in!)

Have you tried our Asian Ginger Broth? Let us know in the comments what special toppings you like to add in! Then, pin it or share the recipe on Facebook or Twitter so your friends can enjoy it, too.


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  1. I have tried it and it’s one of my favorite soups. It really should be considered for the regular soup rotation. I add just a little of each of the add-ins (just one or two cubes of tofu, a small pinch of the shredded carrots and the green onions, a slice or two of the mushrooms, etc) I even took the time to fill out a comment card at our local restaurant (Mission Gorge, San Diego). I was also very impressed with the Thai slaw (now vegan) and the Mandarin shells with almonds. So fresh and light and tasty.

  2. OMG Thank you sooooooooo much for this recipe. My husband & I LOVE this soup & go anytime this is on the menu, sad to say it isn’t all the time. He as a meat eater but carb conscience & I as a vegan love that our weekly date night is spent at Sweet Tomatoes in Crestwood Missouri for supper. You guys are tops! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

  3. I just made the recipe. It’s very tasty, but the broth is much cloudier than the broth in the restaurant. Should it have quite so much corn starch?

  4. LOVE this soup!! It makes me so happy when you have it. I’m in San Diego too. (Point Loma location) Can’t wait to make this at home.

  5. Hi! I’ve seen this on the menu a few months ago and it’s good that you brought this back. But I’m kinda sad that it’s not vegan. I’m assuming there’s an ingredient in the soup base that makes it so. Any chance you might be able to change it so more people can enjoy it? 🙂

  6. This doesn’t make sense. What is “vegetarian base?” This is so vague. I’m not sure if you mean veggie broth or something else. Please clarify

    1. Vegetarian base can be found at the supermarket near the bouillon cubes! It is usually in a jar and is much different than Veggie Broth!

        1. Hi Kriss – You can use whatever type of base you would like. If you’d like a full breakdown of our menu, please just ask a manager when you visit for a full list.

  7. When I saw this I couldn’t believe my luck. Thank you so much for sharing. We had company the other night and I made this soup as a starter to my meatloaf meal. Was of course a Huge hit. Thx again!

  8. Loved this soup. Had it with scallions and spinach since it didnt seem like they clean the mushrooms very well there.

  9. Thank you so much for sharing love love this soup. I am a vegetarian ….thank you so much for your veggie & glutten free options!! One of my favorite restaurants!!

  10. Oh, Thank You So Much for sharing this delicious soup recipe!!! I keep going back to the Carmel Valley, California, restaurant just to have this. I am planning on trying the recipe at home this weekend. It is my very favorite soup you make. I’m hoping my effort will be as tasty as in the restaurant.

  11. Well… I really, really wanted to try this broth, however, I was told that it was not gluten-fr ee, however, your recipie indidates that it is??????????? Still very confused about your soups not being gluten free….


  12. yes, a wonderful soup and one that might be offered regularly. try a spoonful of the “baked potato station” salsa in the ginger broth. as well, the broth mixes well with the creamy veggie soups, which are usually too thick and dry. will try this recipe using my home made veggie stock in place of the vegetarian base. also will experiment with the corn starch, as 6 tbs. seems much. thanks for bringing it to the menu.

  13. I would love to try this soup at your restaurant. How about using a vegetarian base that doesn’t have any MSG so those of who have allergies, sensitvities and those who just want to stay away from it can enjoy your soups.

    Also, please don’t tell me that you don’t use it; I’ve seen the ingredients. Too many restaurants are on a dangerous trend of claiming to be MSG free while completely disregarding that it has other names/forms such as hydrolyzed proteins and autolyzed yeast extract. When you have an allergy or sensitivity to something, your body doesn’t care what it’s called, it reacts regardless.

    1. Hi Heidi – we are very sorry for your experience. Our Culinary Team assures us that no MSG is used in our recipes.

  14. LOVE THIS SOUP!!!!! I have Ulcerative Colitis and it sure is a tummy pleaser! Thank you. I plan on making it myself.
    My husband and I enjoy going to “Sweet Tomatoes” in Naples Florida. We have not yet found a food we did not relish!!! Thank you.
    Also, every employee in the Naples restaurant are the best ever; it’s like a family night out when we go (and, we go often). Thank you. Thank you.

  15. I loved this soup! wish was avalible all the time…..I am making it now at home to see how I do…thanks!

  16. This broth is AMAZING. I’m so happy to have the recipe! I’d love to see this on the menu regularly (and those gluten free coconut muffins too!).

      1. The asian ginger broth was good, BUT the flavor was VERY mild. It really needed a LOT more ginger & garlic in it. I was also glad to see the return of the tofu. Our family really likes that & we have missed it. .

  17. Going to try this recipe today – daughter has flu so may cheer her up!
    Only get to visit States every 2 years but always stop at sweet tomatoes.
    As in the UK what is the equivalent to vegetarian base – presume it is a vegetable stock?
    Thanks for putting the recipe up!

  18. Our family LOVES the ginger soup and gluten free coconut muffins!! We dine regularly at our local Sweet Tomatoes in Alpharetta, GA. Twice a week!!! YUM!!

  19. I just made this recipe – it’s fabulous! To the comment about it being too cloudy, you probably didn’t cook it long enough – the cornstarch should clear up.
    I added a bunch of other veggies to make it more hardy – kale was an exceptional addition.
    Thanks for letting us bring some of your flavors to our own kitchens!

  20. Thank you so much for sharing your recipe.
    I would love to see this become a regular feature, where you share a recipe once a month or more.

  21. there are more products that are synonymous with MSG–a couple were mentioned above:
    here’s the list I got from Dr. Wright’s newsletter (see link below)When you check an ingredient label and see “flavoring” listed, that’s probably MSG. But just like any petty criminal, it goes by many aliases…
    * Soy protein
    * Hydrolyzed protein
    * Barley malt
    * Pectin
    * Corn starch
    * Yeast extract
    * Torula yeast
    * Calcium caseinate
    * Sodium casinate

    – See more at:

    1. Hi Shelia – This recipe is exactly how we make it in store 🙂 If you’d like to see more menu item ingredients, please just ask the store manager at your local location for a full list.

      1. MSG is NOT soy protein, it could have it, mixed in a product, with this and the others listed, but it doesn’t go by those names. if it is mixed in with anything it should still be listed, under MSG, that its a blend. Not aware that they are doing this. A lof these listed are something else. Not sure is the Hydrolzed protein is SOY or another protein. it could be a lot of things. Food starch is something that is listed in products, a lot. this can be many things, not detailed as to what at all. A lot of people can not digest soy, and this is why they have tummy problems, when eating out, a LOT of times. It is one of the most likely item, to be allergy to. Milk and nuts, seafood are high on the list. listed as flavoring, it could be anything, you have to get details. doesn’t mean MSG or anything else, for sure. Its when a loose term is used, that people have problems.

  22. You just made me beyond HAPPY!!! This is my all time favorite soup and I am always telling everyone they have to try it!! So excited that I can have it at home too!! 🙂 Wish you had it on the menu more often, My family and I love Sweet Tomatoes!! 🙂

  23. This made my day!!! This is my my fave! Thank you so much. I can’t wait to make my own with mushroom, and green onions. Mmmmm


  25. This is my ALL TIME FAVORITE soup!!!!! Everytime you have it, I come in and have BOWLSSSS of soup! I’m vegan, and this soup is perfect for me!!!!!!!

  26. YUM! Couldn’t help myself from eating 3 bowls of Asian ginger broth when it made the menu earlier this month at the Flamingo/Las Vegas store, and it continues as one of my top 5 soup favs at Sweet Tomatoes…What made it so delic? the add-ons: to the first bowl was tofu, green onion, spinach and shredded carrots…next bowl mixed the broth half&half with chicken noodle soup to bring it extra ZING…finally broth and wonton strips…Love It!

  27. This is a fabulous soup. I am so thankful for the recipe. I brought some home and heated it with Costco’s frozen wontons. It was a delicious dinner! Thank you so much. I too agree it needs to be on the menu regularly. Escondido, California.

  28. I love all the vegan soups you have. You might consider always having a vegan soup on the menu. I love to come to the restaurant in Naples fl but they rarely have a vegan soup. I always have to call first even though it is online on the menu. Many people (including me and my family) would eat there much more often if vegan soup was an option everyday. Thank you for your fresh food concept.

    1. Thank you for your feedback, Susan. We are always trying to improve our offerings to meet our guests’ dietary restrictions and tastes and are in the midst of developing new recipes. We hope you will continue to check back here for our updated menus each month.

  29. Best soup ever! Just went to search for a similar recipie and found the actual Sweet Tomatoes version that I’ve benn craving. So happy. Please have it more often.

  30. I am sitting at Souplantation in Palmdale, CA, eating lunch as I type this. I just finished my second bowl of the Asian Ginger Broth with green onions and wonton strips. I came online to see if I could find a copycat recipe, but I found that Souplantation shared THE recipe! Thank you so very much for your generosity!! I can’t wait to make this at home!

  31. I honestly love this soup. We go to Sweet Tomatoes for every single celebration, whether it be a birthday, anniversary, promotion, etc. I’ve always noticed that when my kids are sick it makes them feel better. I would love it if this soup was part of the regular rotation. Thank you so much, I love you guys!

  32. Please add Asian ginger broth to your daily soups! It’s delicious and, obviously, very popular. It’s torture waiting for this wonderful soup to rotate back onto the menu!!

  33. Asian ginger soup is the best soup i have ever had! loved it.
    please please add this to your every day menu!! also loved the Udan soup!

  34. We went for the April offerings of the Ginger Broth Soup which was the first time we tried this soup. It was truly awesome and couldn’t stop at just one bowl!! I really want to try this at home and my son has been asking me to make this. I usually just make a chicken broth from the bones of the chicken I purchase at Costco and add a lot of vegetables into it. YUM!!!

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