Taste the World: Asia

The second culinary destination for your taste buds during our Taste the World travels is the Asia menu. Inspired by the traditional use of fresh, wholesome and nourishing ingredients in many Asian countries, our chefs crafted a flavorful feast of recipes. Studies have shown that although Asia is home to nearly half of the world’s population, the region experiences relatively few instances of cancer, heart disease and obesity. What is the possible correlation between traditional Asian eating habits and these outcomes? Dietitians largely attribute the following factors to having a large impact on overall wellness (hint, it means eating lots of Superfoods!).


  • Plant foods  such as vegetables (like nutrient-rich spinach), grains, fruits and nuts provide essential nutrients but also keep weight in check by providing protein, which helps to keep you full for longer. A common ingredient in Asian dishes is soy, typically consumed in tofu, and is also a source of calcium, protein and iron.
  • Fish is a popular ingredient in most Asian cooking, and is packed with beneficial omega-3s and other healthy fats that have been attributed to lowering blood pressure, improving cardiovascular health and may even reduce depression.
  • Healthy fats (monounsaturated or polyunsaturated fats) like those found in sesame, safflower, soybean and olive oils, are typically used in cooking and featured in many Asian dishes. According to The Mayo Clinic, fats are essential to the human diet and these options (in moderation) help promote a healthy immune system, healthy heart and good digestion.

Between August 17th and August 29th you can find options that contain Superfoods beneficial to your health – including our fresh salad bar options and the toppings for our Asian Ginger Broth. After your meal, be sure to enter our Taste the World contest by entering your unique receipt code for a chance to win 1 of 5 daily prizes and our GRAND PRIZE– a $5,000 culinary vacation!

The trip doesn’t stop here– make sure to check back in September to learn more about our travels and menus of the Mediterranean and Mexico!

This post is meant solely for the general information of the reader and should not be taken as medical advice. Before starting upon any diet, or for any health questions, please consult a physician.


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  1. Great to have apple cobbler this weekend, we visited twice and would have gone more if we had the time. Always enjoy the salads, but missing the variety ST’s have always had. Would love to see the old brownies return even if only for a special treat!

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