Your Menu Faves Have Arrived!


You’ve waited all year long and it’s finally here – the menu you, our guests, created from your absolute favorite Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes foods! Take a look at some of the featured dishes that are available on our Guests’ Faves Menu this month and “SHARE” the news with your friends so that you can enjoy a meal of all of your favorite menu items together.

And, it wasn’t even available for voting, but we think you’ll soon add our NEW Strawberry Soft Serve (available February 20th – 23rd) to your list of menu faves!

2 thoughts on “Your Menu Faves Have Arrived!”

  1. I really enjoy the Cali Cobb Salad, but I would enjoy it MORE with bacon and bleu cheese. I was just at Souplantation Brea CA last weekend (my seventh visit there so far this year!), and got about a half-plate full of the Cali Cobb Salad. In all of that salad, not a single crumble of either bacon or bleu cheese. I was excited to find one small piece of avocado, though.

    I’ve noticed that any salads or pastas that feature anything meat tend to be skimpy on the meat item. We love you, so we are kindly nudging you toward improving on this matter! Thank you.

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